Works of Christ Follow the Laborer

A few months after I was saved, I met Margaret Hastings, a French-Canadian woman, who was sixty years old. I was in my early twenties. Margaret and I were friends for Jesus for thirty years. She watched over my life through her prayers and the Word of God.

Margaret Hastings Ministries was the name of her ministry. She was a missionary and evangelist to her neighborhood and the world. She would disciple Christians in the study of the Word and prayer. She had worked with Campus Crusade for Christ as a missionary, given her time in the U.S. to the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and started Youth for Christ in her hometown.

This woman, who was fearless and full of life had God’s wisdom, lived a life of great faith in God and powerful prayer. She loved and was devoted to Jesus. She whole-heartedly surrendered herself to Him in prayer and the ministry of the gospel.

God not only answered her prayers, but He answered them in His power in a way that lives and circumstances changed. She moved God through prayer to do the impossible, the things that He would not otherwise do. She would pray through the nights and early mornings, reading and studying her Bible without having much sleep.

This photo was taken in her home the day that the Lord took her to be with Him in heaven. In this chair she spent most of her nights praying. This is her Bible that she used while praying the scriptures for the Lord’s saints and world events.

Her influence in my life for Christ was that of faith in Him and in the labor of prayer. Her labor in the Lord follows her through many lives, worldwide.

My own prayer life began when I, for some reason, began waking up at 3:00 a.m. I wondered why I was wide-awake so early in the morning. I thought that it must be because God wanted me to pray. I then scheduled myself to wake up at 3:00 a.m. each day and devoted myself to Jesus in prayer and the study of the Word. As I began, I asked God to be a Light in my darkness.

These scriptures and prayers are to encourage you to draw closer to the Son of God and to read the Word and pray it for yourself, so that Jesus may do a strong work in you and in others’ lives through you that will give Him glory.

Word and Prayer