“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”  (Deuteronomy 31:6)

During the Christmas holidays, I was in the hospital.  It was very uncomfortable to see so many medical staff with so many foreign gods.  I didn’t have the energy to think of what was ahead. My friends were praying for me. Because of their of their prayers before our God, I was encouraged that He would see me through one moment at time.

I was taken to the room in which I would stay. My husband and I settled in the room with God’s peace and joy.  I had a feeling that God had a work ahead.

On Christmas Eve, I was assigned a young nurse. She was Chinese. She was the sweetest servant. Each time she came to see me, we’d have a little talk. This young girl was very special. I knew that God had His hand on her for His glory.

I began to explain to her about who Jesus is. “I can see that God has His hand on you. There may be a lot of nurses, but you are His chosen to know Him and to use your life in a very special way.”

She listened and replied, “The one thing about working here is that there are so many people with so many beliefs. It is so nice to get to know them all.”

“You mustn’t open your heart to all of that. You must be careful. There is only one God, who died on the cross for your sins, and that is the Son of God—Jesus. And He loves you.” She listened.

When she finished doing what was needed with me and began to leave, very sweetly she said, “I will be back.”

The next time she came in, she stood very close to my bed. “Listen, you are a young girl chosen by God to serve Him and He wants you to know Him,” I repeated. She again took care of my needs and left sweetly.

The next time she came, she headed right to me and fell on her knees by my bed. “Would you like for me to pray with you to know this God who loves you?” I asked.

She had placed her hands tightly in mine. “Yes, I want to pray,” she said.

On her knees with her eyes closed, her head bowed, and her hands in mine, this young Chinese nurse received God’s love for her, believed in Jesus as her personal Saviour, confessed her sin at His cross, and gave her life to Him for His glory.

Afterward, we talked about reading the Bible. She said she had a friend who had been giving her some Christian CDs and had been telling her about the Bible. She mentioned that she carried her earphones and she could now start listening to the Bible. “You tell your friend that on Christmas Eve you gave your life to Jesus.”

My husband, she, and I were so joyful that we could have started crying. We gave her and the Daily Light devotional for Christmas. She right away began to talk about how good it was to have it.

When her shift was over, she said she would come by to visit with me. And she did. She simply could not stay away from the presence of God and the fellowship. Her joy was bubbling out with every word she spoke.

“Father in Heaven, how is it that You would have sent us to that hospital to tell this young Chinese woman about You? You had already chosen her to be my nurse on Christmas Eve. Jesus, Lord and Saviour of my life, in the midst of the shadows of our trials and people with their foreign gods, You are there, and the Holy Spirit is drawing those whom the Father has drawn to You, to know You as Saviour. I know that with my husband beside me and my friends’ prayers, You saw me through, moment by moment. Because You heard them, You gave me the strength to talk of You and the courage that I needed. What a special mission to be sent to someone You chose for Yourself to serve and glorify Your Name. This young nurse had You to celebrate this year’s Christmas and will have every CHRISTmas!”