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The Cross or Religion

 “And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 3:2 KJV)

My dentist is a Christian. We have a sweet time of fellowship each time I have an appointment.

Due to COVID-19, his office staff takes extra precautions of safety. You have to sit outside in the parking lot in your car and wait for a phone call to notify you to go into the building and up the elevator to their office for your appointment. You have to wear a mask, have your temperature taken, and fill out a form regarding the virus; then you are escorted into the area where the dentists are working.

Most of the staff know that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I take delight in encouraging as many of them as possible. Each time I go, someone receives the Gospel and is saved.

This time I was assigned to a dental hygienist who was supposedly the best skilled. I sat in the chair, and she pushed a button for me to be lowered. When my eyes turned up to see her, I was so surprised at the whole gear she was wearing for protection against the virus. She wore two masks.  and a clear, full face shield.

I commented, “Wow that’s the first time that I’ve seen anyone wear all that gear!”

“Yes, I have on two masks, as well. We do all that we can for protection.”  The mask was very colorful.

We talked a little about her lifestyle and then she went to work cleaning my teeth. In between I would tell her about Jesus and explain to her why God had allowed the virus. She was silent, as she worked and listened.

At one point, I had to rinse out my mouth. “Most people don’t think about the Son of God coming nor this virus as a sign of His return. Do you know Jesus as your Saviour?”

“I am Catholic.”

“Well, when Jesus was hanging on the cross for your sins, He was not thinking of your religion. He was thinking about how much He loves you. He was not concerned about what religion you would practice, but that He wanted you in Heaven with Him. When you are done working on my teeth, we will make sure that you will be in heaven.”


Oh, Lord, what should I say when she is done? Will she just forget about it and walk away? Please help me.  I was quiet as my heart talked to Jesus, while she was finishing the work on my teeth. She finished. Up went the chair. She gave me a cup with liquid in it to rinse my mouth. She left. I guess that’s it, Lord.

She returned without all that gear. She was wearing only a blue and whitle simple mask. I was not too sure how things were going to go, but I had to ask, “Are you ready for me to pray with you?”

“Yes, I am. Let me get into a better position.” She squatted some, bowed her head and we placed our hands on her knees. I was so surprised. Her hands looked so soft and sweet. This young woman’s heart was sensitive to God.

We prayed, as she believed in Jesus as her personal Saviour, confessed Him as the Son of God who had died and risen, asked Him at His cross for forgiveness of her sins, and surrendered her life to Him to be used for His glory.

We both rejoiced and wanted to hug each other, but, because of the COVID-19 rules, we couldn’t. That was hard for both of us.

The dentist came in. He sat on a chair and faced me. “Doctor, do you know Jesus as your personal Saviour and Lord?”

“Who me?”


“Yes, I do.”

“Well, so does your dental hygienist.” I looked at her. “Right?”

She looked right into his eyes, “Yes, I do!”

The dentist looked at her wide-eyed, as he slipped on his gloves. “She’s very special,” he said. He made another comment. She responded very differently about her lifestyle. God had worked in her heart. Then he looked at me and said, “She’s an evangelist. She’s the best!” The three of us laughed and rejoiced.

“Abba, the moment that I saw this young woman, I was drawn to her. It must have been that her heart was special before You. Jesus, how sweetly she was willing to bow before You and give her life to You. Holy Spirit, I didn’t know what I should say or how things were going to go, but You helped me and You dealt with her heart to believe in The Saviour — Jesus!”









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