“This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.” (1 Timothy 2:3-5 KJV)

I was out of makeup. The specialty store where I usually buy my cosmetics was closed due to COVID-19. But you could place online orders.

When I looked online, the makeup that I use had changed. I had some questions about the changes, so I called the online service. I was placed on hold for a representative. The hold was a little long, and I thought that I would call another day. But, thinking on what I had to get done while the call was on hold, I waited a little longer.

My call was routed to a man with a very beautiful accent. So much of business now is outsourced to other countries. The man was very helpful. He gave me excellent service, as he answered my questions.

I was curious as to where he was. “Where are you?”

“In Serbia.”

“That is very interesting! I’ve never been there. And you are the first person who I have talked to from there. This is exciting for me.” We both chuckled.

“What’s it like there with this COVID-19 situation?”

“It is very bad. At first when we had a lockdown, all the people followed the rules. And everything was going well. But, after things started to open again, things got really bad. It is so bad now that there is not anything that can be changed. It is so sad.”

“I am so sorry. I know that this is so hard for everyone. Do you know why this virus has happened?”

“No. People give so many opinions.”

“Would you like for me to tell you why?”


“It is because the Son of God, Jesus, is coming again.”


There seemed to be a thrill of fireworks coming through the call. “Yes, and you must be ready for His return.” The fireworks were still in his mind. Truth had entered his heart.

“This is something!”

“Do you know of Jesus?”

“Here in Serbia, we are Christian Orthodox. We all have our god to whom we pray.” I knew what he was talking about because I had met a couple from Russia who practiced the same.

“I understand that you may know Jesus as the Saviour of the World, but have you asked Him to be your personal Saviour?”

“No, I have not.”

“He is the only way to heaven. But you must ask Him to be your Saviour. Would you like to do that?”

“Yes, I would.”

“I am going to pray with you right now.” For a moment, I wondered if this call was being recorded, as most online calls are for service purposes. We were not talking about makeup, but God. Would he get in trouble? I had to stop thinking and keep telling him about Jesus.

“Would you like for me to pray with you?”


“Are you ready to believe in Jesus as your personal Saviour?”

“Yes, I am.”

As we prayed, he received God’s love for Him and believed in his heart and confessed with his mouth that Jesus had died and risen again. He asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins at His cross and gave his life to Him to use for His glory.”

“Thank you very much! I really appreciate this! Wow!”

“It was very special to meet you. You are in God’s hands now. Nothing can take you out of them. And you will be in heaven with Him.”

“Thank you!”

“God bless you.”

“Abba, Father, You used an online call for makeup that was routed to Serbia to tell about Your Son. What a surprise, Lord! I was so excited, but, Jesus, he was even more excited to hear the truth about Your return! That was amazing. Holy Spirit, it was You who opened his heart to hear the truth. He was elated! I’ve never had such a response! It was like fireworks in his head. Thank you for keeping me from hanging up the call. You, Lord, had a soul to be saved on the other side of this world. I almost missed this one. Jesus, nothing can stop You—not even our thoughts—from the soul you are pursuing!”