“And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but he:”  (Mark 12:32 KJV)

I had to have home physical therapy due to my spine needing strengthening. It is still very difficult to sit, stand, or walk for even short periods of time. In addition, the treatments that I had made me weak in body. I have to do all activities at a very slow pace. But, I know that God is doing a work in my life for His glory!

To find the right physical therapist is not easy these days. So many of the medical staff are into so many kinds of spiritual practices, and I surely do not want that in my life or in my home. I have to explain to those in charge of selecting a therapist that I am a Christian, that I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that I serve Him. I have to also tell them that I do not want anyone who practices yoga, does Pilates, or has tattoos. In addition, the therapist has to be careful about COVID regulations. Who would have thought we’d have to address this in these days?

After speaking with one staff member after another, they quickly selected a physical therapist to come to my home. When she showed up at my door, I was surprised to see such a pleasant person. She was wearing a mask, face shield, and gloves, and she looked very pretty in her uniform.

I welcomed her inside. She stood in the entryway and asked me for my insurance information. As she took down the information, I noticed that she seemed to be pregnant, but I was not sure.

“Are you having a baby?” I asked.

“Yes,” she responded.

I asked her to please have a seat. She took a seat right away and relaxed. As she asked me her assessment questions, she also shared a little about herself.

“Is this your first child?” I asked.

“Yes, it is. It is a boy. My husband and I have not yet agreed on a name.”

She continued with her assessment, as she asked me questions. Now she was more relaxed and made herself at home. It is such a blessing when people feel like they can relax and make themselves at home in our place, because we want others to feel the peace of our Lord, Jesus.

She told me that she and her mother had experienced troubling health situations, but were now doing better. After she shared more about her challenging times, I said, “God has kept you and your mother.” She smiled.

“Do you know Jesus as the Saviour?”

“Well, my father passed away the day before I was given the report of my health. I think that He is the one who listens to me,” she said.

We were both silent for a moment.

Again, I asked her, “Do you know Jesus as the Saviour?”


I know that you know Jesus as the Saviour, but do you know Him as your personal Saviour?”

She thought about this for a moment.

“There is no one, no other mediator, no family member, friend, saint, only Jesus—the Son of God—because He is the One who died on the cross for us. Have you ever asked Him to be your personal Saviour?”

She leaned back in the chair, looked into my eyes, and responded, “No, I have never done that.”

“We are going to do that right now. Let’s pray.”

Instantly she said, “Okay.” She closed her eyes to pray.  I was so surprised. She was so ready.

We prayed together as she received God’s love for her, believed in Jesus as her personal Saviour, confessed her sins at His cross, and gave her life to Him to use for His glory.

As soon as we were finished, her eyes gleamed with joy! She was at peace. We then continued with more assessment questions.

“Do you have children?” she asked.

“No, we do not,” I answered.

“If you had a boy, what would you name him?”

“I would ask God what name He wanted for the child that He was giving me and look in the Bible for a biblical name.”

As she continued to write and make her assessment, I got my Bible and started reading the Old Testament names and the New Testament names. When I read “Timothy,” she said, “Oh my, my baby just gave me the hardest kick. He has never kicked that hard. I think that he likes that name.” We both laughed. She seemed to like it too.

Once she was done with the written assessment, she began the physical therapy. She was the most knowledgeable and skilled physical therapist I have ever worked with! Thank the Lord Jesus for His care of me!

She then informed me that she would not return to continue with the therapy, because where we live is not within her area of service. She was assigned to come out only to do the assessment. She said that her drive to our place was forty minutes and that another therapist, who is an assistant, would continue the therapy. I was disappointed, but had to trust God. Perhaps He would bring another therapist who needed to know His Son, or maybe He would send a born-again Christian.

As she continued with the therapy, she asked, “Now, why not yoga or Pilates?”

“Those are spiritual practices, and you open yourself up to the influence of other spirits.”

Before I could say anything more, she said, “And that is against God’s Word.”


“Ah, yes.”

We continued with the physical therapy and enjoyed our conversation. She said that she would do her best to make sure I get the best quality care and that she would return a couple of times to assess again.

Before she left, I asked my husband to come and meet her. She seemed eager to meet him, and they talked about my physical therapy needs.

“Before you leave, I’d like to give you a gift,” I said.  I went to my office, got a Daily Light devotional, signed it, and dated it. I handed it to her and showed her how to read it.

She received it very sweetly and listened as I went through it. She loved it.

“Thank you!” Her eyes were gleaming. She wanted to hug me. “I want to hug you, but because of COVID, I can’t.”

“I too want to hug you! Let’s air hug!” We put our arms out and hugged the air, without touching each other. She closed her eyes and gave a tight hug. So sweet!!

“Father in heaven, because of the experiences I have had with other physical therapists, I was very hesitant to have one come to the house. But I did think that You might bring someone who needs to know Your Son. Jesus, my heart is overjoyed as tears are stuck in my throat to see that You handpicked a physical therapist and brought such a precious young woman to know You. I was encouraged in that You are not limited. You brought such a personable therapist, and You can do it again. I thank You, Holy Spirit, for giving me the strength and joy to greet her and the strength to get through the assessment and the therapy. And, Lord, You have saved another soul to be with You for eternity, glory! Thank You, Lord, Jesus, thank You!”