Talking About the Messiah in the Midst of Terror

I was working with Campus Renewal Ministries, an organization helping university campus ministers and missionaries who gather students to pray, when I met a young, Christian girl who invited me to Israel. She asked me to meet her and some of her friends there. It was my first time to the country.

When I arrived, there was a commotion about my safety. The young people who I met there led me to our host’s home. A group of young Israelis surrounded me as they welcomed me. They seemed very troubled about something.

I listened to them, as they shared about themselves, their friends, and the experiences about picking up body parts dismembered by bus bombings. They were still in trauma. This was my introduction to Israel. Thereafter, these young people and I became well acquainted with each other in the midst of terror.

Since then God has sent me to Israel with my husband. We travel there two to three times per year. In the midst of conflict and terror, I take the opportunity to talk about the Messiah to the Israeli Jew. I try to talk to as many soldiers as possible, because they risk their lives to defend the land that many are praying for because it is God’s, and He has promised it to them.

As I have lived out my life for the Messiah in the land where He will return, several Israeli Jews have believed in Him as the Son of God and Saviour, Yeshua.

I share these photos of the occasions in which I have taken the opportunity in the Lord to talk about Yeshua, as an encouragement to others who travel to Israel to do the same.