God’s Passion For the Jew First Then the Gentile

God’s heart is for the lost sheep of Israel, but I never thought He would send me to Israel to use His gift of evangelism to tell the Israeli-Jew about the King of the Jews.

Just as the Spirit uses my mouth to speak of the Son of God in Washington, D.C. and everywhere I go, He uses it in Jerusalem, the city of the great King and throughout Israel, the land that belongs to Him.

It is God’s blessing to me to tell about Yeshua on the streets of Jerusalem. I recall that one key ministry leader shared with me about what I could or could not do on the streets of Israel in reference to my faith in the Son of God amid the Israeli-Jew. My response to him was, “I am in love; Don’t wake me up.” He could see I placed no limitations on how God would use my life in Israel for the salvation of the Jew. Thereafter, he made sure I met the most important believer, Bible leader, and teacher in all of Israel.

To this day, the believers on the Israeli land question how I could possibly be so unafraid and bold. My thought is that it is God’s passion for His chosen people to know His Son, not mine. So, if I have to go at it one soul at a time on His land, in Yeshua, I will.

The feet in this photo are mine. It is what they look like after being on the mountains of Samaria. They look just as worn as I go after souls for the Messiah throughout Israel, as I climb the mountains, walk the desert, the streets, and along the seashores. Everywhere I have been in Israel, I have spoken of the Messiah’s passionate love for the Jew.

In Israel we work with an Israeli-Jewish believer who translates our material into Hebrew. We then work with an Israeli man who owns a small publishing company. He works very personally with us to print out pamphlets containing the Old and New Testament Scriptures about the Messiah. We use this material to talk with the Israeli-Jews about the Son of God, Yeshua, as we walk the streets of Israel. We also purchase Bibles in Hebrew to give to the Israelis with whom we speak.

Your sharing helps this evangelism work in the following ways:

  • Remaining on the internet to encourage other believers to talk about Jesus to all those around them because He is soon to return
  • Purchasing Bibles in English and Hebrew both in the Washington, D.C. area and in Israel
  • Translating and printing material from English to Hebrew
  • Traveling to Israel to tell Israelis about the love of the Jewish Messiah, the Son of God, Yeshua, so they may believe in Him and have eternal life, because time is so short before His return
  • Giving of necessities to those in Israel, the impoverished Jewish believer, and those whom we meet who are in need

During a stay in Israel, I was in the City of David. There were many soldiers resting. Their empty hearts were expressed on their faces. I approached them, and one of them moved toward me and asked, “Are you here to look at the place where Jesus was?” God’s passion and pursuit for them entered my heart with boldness, and I could not contain His love for the Jew.

My response was, “Those are dead stones. I am here because you are live stones, and the Messiah is after you. He is alive!”

The soldiers were stunned, as was I. Who would have thought that such words would have been spoken in the city of David, where the Name of the Great King, Yeshua, is placed? Jerusalem is the fire of God—the fire of the love of God after His own.

Since then my friendship with the soldiers has been ongoing, as I listen to their weary hearts due to war and tell them about the One who loves them, the King of the Jews, Yeshua, the Son of God.

I never would have thought my talking about Jesus would be on a website, or that I would have to trust God to help me share the need for others to take courage and the risk to tell about His Son and to give to the evangelism work He has placed on my life for His pursuit for souls—for the Jew first, and then for the Gentile.

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