“Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.” (Acts 2:47 KJV)

 A year ago, the yard needed to be worked on. The Hispanic man who came to work on it did excellent work. I had the opportunity to pray with him and he believed in Jesus. We invited him inside and listened to his stories while we had lunch together.

About six months later, we needed the yard cleaned up. We contacted the same man, and he brought another man with him to help. Again, both did a superb work. I prayed with the man who came with him and he too believed in Jesus. We welcomed them into our home and hosted them with a nice lunch.

After the intense Coronavirus lockdown, we contacted the same man again about working on the yard. He said he would bring the man who had come with him before plus two others because they had another job to do afterward. We arranged a day and time for them to come.

The day they came, my husband and I went out to get some food and drinks for them to have outside. We could not let them in the house because of the Coronavirus. We had all agreed to wear masks and keep our distance.

When they arrived, they went to work right away. They worked without taking a break. My husband was in and out of the house to help and give them instructions. I stayed in my office working and did not go outside.

Again, the work done was outstanding. These men took pride in their labor. After they were finished, my husband took a big box with food and drinks to them. I felt so bad that we could not invite them inside. And I wondered if the two men who had come with the other two knew Jesus. I asked my husband to ask them if they did. He said that their English was too broken and that they may not understand him.

I stayed in my office and kept working. I simply was not going to go out and take a risk to be around the men due to the Coronavirus. All kinds of thoughts went through my heart. What if they do not know Jesus? What if this is the day for their salvation? What if I don’t tell them? They will leave here without knowing Jesus and go to hell. Enough! God will keep me! I got up, grabbed the mask, and hurriedly walked outside toward them.

They were taking a break before they left, eating the food from the box and drinking their cold fruit drinks. When they saw me walking toward them with a mask on, they put on their masks.

They lined up by their truck and faced me. I looked at the two men that had come before. They knew what I was up to and stood still. I then looked at the other two men. They were looking at me with curiosity.

I was a little nervous. In Spanish, I greeted them and thanked them for their hard work. “I hope you are resting and enjoying your break. I want to ask you two if either one of you know Jesus as your Saviour.”

I looked at one of them and asked him what his name was. It was very unusual. I could hardly pronounce it. “Your name is very unique. Do you know Jesus as your Saviour?”


“How do you know Him?”

“I have as of ten years ago.”

“Where did you hear about Jesus?”

“In church.”

“What church?” I would know by the name of it if it was an evangelical church.

He gave the name of it. It was evangelical. “What did you do to know Jesus?”

“I was saved when I prayed to Jesus in the church.”

“Praise the Lord!”

I looked at the other man. “What is your name? His was easy to say. “You have a good name. What about you? Do you know Jesus as your Saviour?”

He looked down, thought for a moment, then looked at me. “No.”

“Your friends here all know Jesus as their Saviour. I am going to pray with you so that you too will know Him and be in heaven. Do you think you may want to believe in Jesus?”

“Yes.” I was surprised that he did not hesitate.

“Okay, I will pray with you now. Ready?”


The other three men stood still. They bowed their heads, and the one who was saved at a church took off his cap to pray. This was a most beautiful sight!

All of us, wearing masks and standing at a distance, prayed with this man for his salvation.

With his head bowed, the man prayed, believing in Jesus as His Saviour.  At His cross he asked Him for His forgiveness of his sins and love for him. He gave his life to Him to be used for His glory.

We all said, “Amen.”

Everyone was smiling. The man thanked me and so did the other men. We were all rejoicing.

I asked them to remove their masks so that my husband could take a photo of them. They all looked so sweet!

They gathered their things and slowly began to get in the truck. It was as if they just did not want to leave. What a most glorious sight! Now they were all going to be together in that vehicle, believers in Jesus. All saved! My heart was so overjoyed that I could not speak. My husband and I stood on the beautifully manicured yard, smiling as we watched them drive away. Tears filled my eyes. “Thank You, Jesus.”

“Abba, Father, what a privilege to see these men believe in Your Son. Jesus, it amazes me that each one of these men had come not only to work on the yard but to know You, Lord. As they got into the truck, they looked like Your disciples. They are Yours Lord. Holy Spirit, thank You for giving me the courage to go outside to meet the men and the words to speak to them.  All the angels in heaven are rejoicing and we join them!”