In my early twenties, I wanted to give my life to God. I decided to enter a convent to become a nun. The day that I had planned to go to speak with the nuns, who had long been friends, I had a conversation with God. The thought of my heart was, “God, I can be good, and I can be religious. You see the lines on the palm of my hand? I can give and help. You see the veins on the top of my hand? I can follow a religion. But, if there is more to You than being good or religious, You better tell me now because I am going into that building and will pray to statues and with beads the rest of my life. If you are God, don’t send me anyone to tell me. Don’t send me a priest or teacher.” I then looked up to heaven. I pointed my finger to Him and sternly and loudly said, “If You are God, then tell me YOURSELF!”

Before I finished enunciating the letter with my lips, a profound love came inside me. It was so encompassing I fell to the floor. This love engulfed me. Thick drops of tears fell from my eyes as this love entered me. It was too profound for me to contain. I could not speak. I was suddenly aware of God’s existence.

In an instant all my sins from the time I was a child to my adult life went through my mind. This was very quick. In my heart I asked God, “You saw all of that, and You protected me all along?”

His voice spoke to me, “It was Me.” After a pause, He spoke again, “I am the Son of God.” There was another pause. He spoke again, “I am Jesus.” He paused. During the pauses, I saw the shadows of Him as who He is. He spoke again, “You cannot come to the Father, but through Me. I died for you on the cross.” I could see the shadow of the cross to my right at a distance. He spoke again, “I gave my blood to cleanse you.” He opened my understanding. “You cannot take your heart out, Claudia, wash it with soap and water, and put it back in, but I can do it.”

That second a cleansing went through me. I was separated from the world into His presence. I saw the ways of the world depart from me as one would sense an existence leave. I couldn’t bear to even think of the world touching me. I shook at the thought of it. In an instant I was immersed in a cleansing as a cloak of holiness covered me.

The Son of God continued to engulf me in His love, until all I could do was love Him. That instant, I belonged to Him. I was blind to everything. All I could see was Jesus.

I was still sitting on the floor and my tears were still thick, as they continued to fall. Inside me was His profound love. My very breath was His. He had come into my heart in the power of His love.

When He was done, I got up from the floor knowing that God had a Son, that His name was Jesus, that I could not go to the Father but through Him, and that He had died on the Cross for my sins. His love was profound, surpassing all existence. Jesus opened my understanding that He is the Saviour of my soul.

A few days later, my family would not understand the dramatic change in me. It was evident that I was no longer the same. I was told that I had to choose between my God or their god. I was to choose between my home and family or my God. Before I could think about it, I heard His voice again. He said, “Claudia, you have no choice to make here. You have not chosen Me. I have chosen you. Now go.”

I met others who went to church and read a book called the Bible. Soon, I had one and began to read it. I told God, “I don’t like Your book. It has so much evil in it, murderers, heads cut off and nailed to walls, rapes, incest, wars, horrible deaths. No, I don’t like Your book.”

Suddenly I heard the voice of the One Who had revealed Himself to me. He spoke and said, “This book is about salvation. No one can go to the Father but through me, and all else go to hell.” I deeply questioned this. “Wait,” I said, “You are mistaken. There are people who help others, those who help the poor and the needy.” He spoke again, “This book is about salvation. No one can come to the Father but through me. All else go to hell.” I argued with Him again. “You must be mistaken. What about good people?” He spoke the third time, “I am the Son of God. No one can come to the Father, but through Me, and all else go to hell.”

The third time He spoke, He showed me a darkness. It consisted of beings flying intensely. He made me understand that these beings were from hell. Stunned, I asked Him, “Do you mean that those beings are from hell? There is a devil? And, all day long he is after souls to take them with him, and all day long You are after the very same souls to take them with You?!”

He gave me the understanding of the reality of this truth. With determination and resoluteness, I said to Him, “I promise that from this day forth, every countenance my eyes see, I will TELL THEM ABOUT SALVATION!”

I don’t know what made me take out my garbage that next minute. When I arrived at the trash bins, I saw a young American man with red hair and a red beard throwing out his garbage. He seemed to be about nineteen or twenty years old. He was murmuring to himself. I looked at him and said, “Whatever you are murmuring about, have you talked to God about that?”

The young man looked at me and said, “How do I do that?” With much boldness in me, I said, “Would you like to kneel right here and give your life to Jesus?” He immediately said, “YES!” I prayed a simple prayer, as he prayed with me. He believed in Jesus and gave his life to Him. Jesus had taken me at my word and saved the first soul through His life in me.

It has been thirty-eight years since the day Jesus revealed Himself to me and told me He is the Son of God, who died on the Cross for my sins, taking me for Himself and giving me understanding about salvation in Him.

Since then, He has been saving souls through His life in me every week, one at a time. He is the soul Saviour! Glory to the Son of God, Jesus, The Messiah!