Claudia Koenig was born in Texas. Her mother, Ernestina Diaz-Infante received her B.A. and M.A in education and Spanish. She devoted herself to her three daughters and ensured their educational achievements. It was due to her mother’s salvation and blessing that God bestowed on Claudia to take the Gospel to the Jewish people and pray for the land of Israel. The Soul Saviour Star of David website logo is from Ernestina’s signet ring, which represents their Jewish heritage.

Claudia earned a B.S. in education with a specialization in Spanish and an M.A. in English with a specialization in English as a Second Language at Texas Woman’s University. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she graduated with honors and has worked with five languages in business related to education.

Claudia has taught ESOL at elementary, university, and adult levels in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for twenty years. She also worked as an ESOL instructor overseas. She was a foreign language consultant for a major international company headquartered in Canada. Claudia has traveled to twenty-two countries. Throughout her education, career, and travels, she has led many people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Claudia resigned from her career in education and joined her husband, William Koenig, in his news service ministry, Koenig World Watch Daily.

Having committed her life to Jesus Christ, Claudia is devoted to studying the Bible, praying, and evangelizing. At her husband’s speaking engagements, Claudia prays for Israel and speaks to audiences on evangelism.

Her interests are in supporting Christian missionaries, impoverished children, widows, the persecuted for Christ, Jewish believers in Israel, and in talking to Israeli Jews about the Messiah.

Claudia Koenig