Claudia at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, in North Carolina, November 2012.

My sweet wife, Claudia, took her final, deep breath Friday night, September 10, 2021 at 8:48 p.m. in our home and passed into God’s Glory.

She had dealt with metastatic breast cancer for eight-and-a-half years and had been in home hospice care for two-days before passing into God’s Glory. She led 25 doctors and nurses to salvation in Jesus Christ during this time. The last person she led to Christ was her oncologist two weeks prior to her passing.

It had been a very tough and emotional time, but I am so thankful that Claudia’s enormous pain and suffering was over. Claudia could not take any pain medication, nausea medication or virtually any other. But now she has heard, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

We had/have a very close relationship, which I thank God for. Claudia told me she was going to see Jesus and then wait for me by the big rock!

We created these two websites, so Claudia’s gift of evangelism would live on:

We all long to be at home with our Lord Jesus!

In Christ’s love,
William Koenig


Claudia was sharing Jesus to her final breath:

The home hospice supervisor was setting things up in our home on Wednesday, September 8.

Claudia, in her very, very weak state, told me to make sure Sandy was saved. I said she told me she was. Claudia said she wasn’t sure. I said no, she said that she is saved. Claudia once again said, “I am not so sure.”

Sandy heard that and was so moved that Claudia cared in her state. Sandy sweetly came close and looked right in Claudia’s eyes and told her she was born again and loved Jesus. Claudia smiled. It was precious. She had no more energy! She was finished and waiting for our Lord!


Claudia’s love for and dedication to Christ

Claudia’s love for and dedication to Christ was lived out boldly and resulted in many, many souls being brought to Jesus through her.

She also had a profound effect on her brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you to all for your kind notes of condolence. I shared a few of them here as a memorial to Claudia’s impact on all who knew her.

Ori, Jerusalem:

My dear William,

I am so sorry for your enormous loss. I received this mail just before going to the hospital for work; I cried before I went, I have been crying, and I am crying through this email that I am writing. This pains me a lot.

Claudia was very special to me, and it pains me a lot that she is not in this world. But I find comfort in that Claudia was suffering and the pain she had is gone and that she is with Jesus.


Albert, Jerusalem:

Dear Bill,


We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to know Claudia.

Claudia was (and is!) a special secret weapon of the Lord—stunning and so accurate in the spirit.

She was always ready to witness and to win someone to the Lord—wherever and whenever it may be.

I’ll never forget the two meetings we had in your home—Claudia’s and your love and care before we caught our flight, unforgettable.


David, Spain:

Dear William,

My heart is broken. Claudia has been my sister in the Lord for a long time, and we have gone through many different life experiences together, and I longed to see her again and enjoy her spontaneity, her contagious laugh, her bright look, and that wonderful smile of her.

I was amazed by such a faithful woman—her combination of wild and sweet, her fighting spirit to always go ahead and have God by her side to walk whatever way it might take in order to follow His will.

You have been a true blessing in her life, bringing her quietness, peace, stability, and a confidant.

Thank you so much for your commitment to both God and Claudia. You have helped her to grow good fruit in her life, and I cannot even imagine how hard this is being for you. I pray that the peace of The Lord covers your soul, and you may find comfort in His presence and in the certainty that one day we will all reunite together, and our work here isn’t done yet; that’s why we need to continue to focus and learn what God wants us to do next.


Sergio and Miriam, Spain:


Thank you for letting us know about Claudia’s promotion into the Father’s House. She is now enjoying the place our Lord Jesus bought for her at the price of His blood. A prepared place for a prepared soul. The battle with sickness was not in vain. Our Father accomplished through it His marvelous purposes. In Claudia’s life and in so many others. We rejoice because this last person who came to know Jesus through her also. Yes, she has gone into her reward! “Precious is in the Lord’s eyes the death of His saints.”

We remember Claudia’s smile, joy and faith. Her commitment to Jesus, her love for the lost, her courage to talk about Her Saviour, her fervent prayer life. It has been a special privilege to pray for her and for you many times a day for these many years. With the Lord’s help we will continue remembering you before the throne of grace. In the love of Jesus, with much gratitude,


Stephen and Heather, Ireland:

Dear Bill,

It is with heavy hearts that we reply to your message. We have sensed The Lord was calling our dear friend and sister Claudia home in the past few days. Many, many times throughout the day and night hours, we have been called to pray and warfare and felt such a privilege to join this battle.

Brother, you also fought this noble fight, diligently, lovingly devoted to care for Claudia. Each time I have met you and especially in your home, I was so encouraged to see the deep love and affection you both shared for each other and Yeshua, our Lord and Saviour. She will today be standing in the glory of The Lord, delighting in His presence and hearing His “Well done good and faithful servant!”

Thank you for allowing us to be part of Claudia’s life and witness how many times the angels and The Lord have rejoiced each time she led a precious soul to her Jesus. Today those angels and our Lord will rejoice that she has overcome death and the grave and now is safely in her eternal home, awaiting you to join her.


Dominik and Meri, Germany:

We are deeply saddened. We will miss her deeply in our hearts because she was the most faithful soul to us.

Claudia will always be inspiration to us for her strength, faith, and love for others. Her beauty will rest in our hearts forever.


Jack and Inge, the Netherlands:

For the past few years, we have prayed for Claudia every day, and we were so aware of her struggle, her pain, her desire to serve Yeshua, to serve with you in God’s Kingdom. Claudia is now with her Saviour and Master Yeshua. Where is a better place to be found?

Claudia’s testimony was unique in this world. How she was guided by God’s spirit was unimaginable. What a power in her ministry. She was an example to us, and we felt challenged to stand in faith and testify like Claudia.


Tammy, South Carolina:

I’m so sorry, Bill. She’s the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. She’s had such an impact on me. I’ve thanked God so many times for allowing me to know her and work with her. She was an incredibly strong and determined woman of God. I’ve never known anyone so passionate about Christ.

I was praying for God to heal Claudia about the same time you say she passed. I’m glad she’s no longer suffering, but it’s such a loss for this world. She will definitely be waiting for you by that rock. I can’t wait to see her in person, when I get there too.


Anne, North Carolina:

Claudia has been a prayer partner, a companion, an encourager—a total blessing.

But far and away the most phenomenal characteristic of this incredible lady was her gift for one-on-one evangelism. I still stand in awe as I heard and witnessed her bold, courageous, forthright presentations wrapped in such warm compassion that they were irresistible.

Claudia remained focused on the Gospel until the very end. The last person she prayed with to receive Jesus was her oncologist the week before she passed into glory. On Friday, September 10, after an eight-year battle with cancer, Jesus came to take Claudia Home. While my tears flow and my heart aches, I trust the One who is … the Resurrection and the Life. [She] who believes in me will live, even though [she] dies (John 11:25). I am confident that this life is not all there is and that I will see my very precious friend again, in our Father’s House.


Morrow, North Carolina:

I want to introduce you to a Warrior Princess for Yeshua!! If you know Jesus as Savior too, I can’t wait to introduce you to Claudia in person in Heaven!! She was the most extraordinary woman, who I thought of as an older sister, aunt, friend, another mother, and mentor. There are few people who leave a distinct impression on your life and who you wrap your heart around, and Claudia was that person.

She was strikingly beautiful, and her strong Spanish accent drew you in to every word that always reflected and represented the things of God and His Word.

There will be multitudes of people in Heaven, because Claudia shared the Gospel with them, one person at a time, no matter where she was or who they were. Her boldness was like that of an Old Testament prophet- like Elijah, or Elisha!!

And Claudia could pray!! She got up probably earlier than you or I ever dream of getting up, just to pray. She had a closeness and intimacy with Jesus that gained her great faith. I miss her terribly and my heart aches knowing that she is no longer a text or phone call away. But how blessed my life has been just to know this Warrior Princess for Jesus!! I am so grateful that I have the confident hope of Heaven where I will see her again!!


Tommy, Missouri:

I don’t know that I have ever met a more courageous woman than Claudia. She challenged me in my witness of Yeshua in every area of my life. I am a better person, but more than that, I am a more committed follower of Yeshua because of her testimony.


Cleo, Idaho:

Claudia has always been an intelligent, classy lady with compassion for needy people. She was gifted in witnessing to all she met about Jesus, HIs love, and salvation for all. She will surely be awarded a “Crown of Rejoicing” for the many she led to the Lord (I Thess. 2:19).

Claudia will remain in our hearts forever. She was “one of a kind.” I loved her.


Ron and Margot, Virginia:

My dear friend Bill, I and Margot grieve with you in this hardest of times, and we all know that it has been a very long, tough time for your dear Claudia. She surely ran the race well, at the very front, together with many others of the most faithful servants. I can envision that our loving Lord welcomed her with outreached arms at the finish line.


Michele, Minnesota:

Oh Bill, your sorrow and suffering at the loss of your beloved Claudia is precious to all of us. We sorrow with you, too.

Claudia taught everyone to be free in Christ and boldly witness for him. She forever changed me. How wonderful the memories we share of her exuberance for Christ.

You are a most beloved brother that we all know and will uphold in prayer. You aren’t alone. You have many from all over the world who will uphold you in prayers and in their hearts.


Eric, Alabama:

Shalom Bill,

I am so sorry to learn of Claudia’s passing into the arms of Yeshua. It is written “to be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord,” but in Claudia’s case to be absent from the body is a present for The Lord. May you find comfort in the loving arms of Messiah and be reminded—sorrow is not forever; love is! She was brilliant, elegant, and bold for The Lord. My heart and prayers are with you.


Bill and Toni, California:

What a wonderful friend and sister in the Lord Claudia was. She was one of my personal favorites of a woman of faith. I’m not surprised that she led her oncologist to the Lord, that was her great gift.