“The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.” (Psalm 41:3 NIV)

I was in the hospital again. Though not feeling well and being very weak, I had the opportunity to talk about Jesus.

The young nurse in the emergency room was a Christian. Since the COVID situation and school, she had not been to church. After we talked for a while, I asked her if she would like for me to pray with her. She put her hands in mine very tightly and closed her eyes. She was in deep, heartfelt need of the Lord. After we prayed, she said, “You are here for a reason. I needed you!”

As I was being taken to my room, a nurse came to welcome me. She had a warm personality.  “Welcome. I will be your nurse for tonight,” she said. She happened to be a pastor’s wife, who also ministered through Fellowship of Christian Athletes. God was surely watching over me through this night of unexpectedly ending up in the hospital.

We became sweetly acquainted. She shared that God had called her to go to nursing school when she was  forty-five years old and that, after coming into the practice, she knew exactly why God needed her as a nurse. Before she left that evening, she came by to see me. She knelt beside my bed, held my hands, and prayed for me. Then I prayed for her and her request.

The next day, the young nurse who attended to me had the sweetest heart. “Do you know Jesus?” I asked her.

“I do.”

“How is that you know Him?” I asked.

“I was raised that way,” she replied.

“Well, have you asked Him to be your personal Saviour and Lord?”

“No. I haven’t actually done that.”

“Would you like to do that now?”

She thought for a moment, as she stood at the end of my bed. “Yes, yes, I would,” she responded.

We prayed together, as she asked Jesus to be her Saviour and Lord and asked for forgiveness of her sins at His cross. Immediately after we finished praying, the Lord’s joy entered her very being. She started giggling.

“God did not give me that at this moment. He gave it to you,” I told her.

“I feel so relieved! My whole body feels like it is tingling all over,” she replied. You could literally see the light of Jesus come on her.

The next day, a hospital social worker came to see me. With a stressful look on her face, she explained what she did. After listening to her, I thanked her and assured her that I was not in need of this service.

I asked her, “Do you know Jesus as your Saviour?”

She put the brakes on, as her face grew worried.

“To do the work that you do, you need Jesus to help you. He is counselor and comforter. People you meet in your profession need Him. But you too need Him. Would you like to believe in Jesus right now?” Again she put on the brakes, as her face grew more worried.

“I would rather talk about you and offer our services.”

“I have Jesus. I don’t need this service. Do you see what you are doing? You are denying God’s offer to you to be your Saviour and helper.”

“Like I don’t even care or want Him? Ignoring Him?”

“Yes. Are you ready to pray now?”

“Yes, I am.”

Standing at the end of the bed, she bowed her head, closed her eyes, and prayed. She surrendered her life to Jesus, asking Him to be her Saviour and Lord, asking for His forgiveness at His cross, and giving her life to Him for His glory.  Afterward, she was so thankful.

“I came in to help you, but you helped me,” she said.

“Now you will have God as your counselor and comforter to offer to those who need Him.” She exited the room knowing her Saviour and without that worried look on her face.

Later that day, a team of doctors and interns, who were assigned as my case team, came in and stood around in the room. They were a sight! There were two young female interns, who were Indian; one young male intern, who was Jewish; another woman, who was Caribbean; and another man, who was Korean. They looked beautiful! They kind of just stood around without saying much. So, I began to tell them about Jesus. I shared my testimony. They listened very carefully and were totally engaged in what I was saying. I told them how much God loved them, what He had done on the cross, and that His blood cleanses us from sin. I watched their facial expressions. Each one was receiving the testimony of Jesus, the Son of God. Afterward, the head doctor walked to my bed, leaned closely to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, “You are awesome.”

The next day, the young nurse technician who was to care for me had a very positive and upbeat personality. She was a joy! She cared for me for two days. Her schedule was full, as she worked to see the patients. I wondered if she would have the time to talk a minute. The last day she was there, she came to say goodbye.

I quickly asked her if she knew Jesus. “Have you ever asked Him to be your Saviour?”

“No. I haven’t.” She was in a hurry.

“Would you like to ask Him?”

She gathered her thoughts. “Yes, I would.”

We prayed. She asked Jesus to be her Saviour at His cross, asked for His forgiveness, and gave her life to Him. Afterward, she thanked me and bowed down to give me the tightest and longest hug!

The next day, a very distinguished doctor, who worked helping those suffering with pain, came to visit with me. He introduced himself, then knelt by the bed to talk with me. After we talked, I asked him if He knew Jesus.

“Yes,” he responded.

“How do you know Him?” I asked.

“My grandmother got sick; then my father and mother got sick,” he responded.

In his suffering, this man knew God from afar.

“You need to know Jesus as your Saviour, Doctor. But you must ask Him. He does not force Himself on anyone. Would you like to ask Him now?”

While he was kneeling by my bed, I placed my hand on His arm. He placed his on mine. He bowed his head in deep reverence, as he believed in Jesus as the Son of God, who died and rose again. He asked for the Lord’s forgiveness at His cross and wholeheartedly surrendered his life to Jesus to use for His glory. I will always remember this man’s heart of reverence and surrender, that was in such wholehearted humility.

During the last hours I was there, they kept coming to visit and hear more. What a privilege to talk about Jesus and have those who will now be in heaven come by to visit and want to fellowship in Him.

I told my husband that God was done saving souls. His work had been done. I was dismissed from the hospital. Smiling widely, my husband said, “Seems that God brought you to the hospital, because He wanted to save these souls.” My husband and I left rejoicing in the Lord for the souls who now have eternal life. Glory to the name of the Saviour, the Son of God, Jesus!

“My Father in heaven, I come to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus. I want to thank You for seeing me through the hospital stay and the tests that were taken. Seems to me that You are using this sickness to get to those who need salvation in You, Lord. Thank You for the privilege, Lord. Thank You! I want to thank You, Jesus, for the souls You saved and who now have eternal life and will be with you forever. Thank You, Lord, for the Holy Spirit who speaks to hearts about You and takes them out of  darkness into the Light—You, Saviour, Son of the Living God. Glory, honor, and power to Your Name, Jesus!”